Scalable BVLOS drone inspection solutions to meet your budget

Reduce Worker Risk

Reduce Worker Risk

Reduce Worker Downtime

Reduce Downtime

Reduce Electricity Downtime

Reduce Power Outages

Spright UAS Utility Solutions

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Storm + Outage Response

Our team is equipped for a range of weather emergencies with 4×4 vehicles and aircraft available to support urgent response needs during outages or to complete post-storm assessments.

When time is of the essence, we can immediately deploy our services and deliver rapid results and data to identify outage points and assist in the restoration of power to the community.

Utility Drone Solutions


Manual inspection of utility infrastructure is inherently dangerous and outdated – an ideal opportunity for a modern, autonomous approach.

Inspecting utility lines with drones


Autonomous inspections outpace traditional methods, allowing for faster identification and response to potential disruptions.

UAS technology utility line inspection


Electric aircraft provide a green alternative to ground equipment and helicopters, contributing to a cleaner community.

Your Benefits Using Our Drone Inspection Solution
Utility Range

Greater Range

Performs large-scale BVLOS aerial inspections of utility infrastructure.

Utility Substations

LiDAR Scanning

Linear infrastructure, substations, and industrial facilities.



Our BVLOS program reduces worker risk by not putting them in dangerous situations and our drones can fly safely in highly energized environments.

Actionable Information

Actionable Information

In addition to real-time image access, customers receive a comprehensive list of faults and concerns for immediate response.

Artificial Intelligence

Customer Predictive AI

Our advanced system leverages  proven fault detection and digital twin technology to accelerate your AI programs.

Lowest Per Mile Cost

Lowest Cost Per Mile

Our customized service packages are the most affordable in the industry.

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Sign up for 10 free miles of on-location utility inspection and see your data in real-time on our dashboard.