Utility Solutions

Delivering advanced BVLOS drone inspection solutions

Spright removes the cost, skill, and labor constraints of implementing a state-of-the-art drone inspection program. Our turnkey UAS services are available as a comprehensive outsourced solution for utilities initiating a drone program, or as an enhancement to an established in-house drone program seeking to expand and enhance operations to include BVLOS.

Reduce Worker Risk

Reduce Worker Risk

Reduce Worker Downtime

Reduce Downtime

Reduce Electricity Downtime

Reduce Power Outages

Our core utility services include:

Overhead inspection of transmission and distribution lines and structures.

Identification of vegetation and right-of-way encroachments.

LiDAR scanning of linear infrastructure, substations, and industrial facilities.

Development and delivery of 3D models, as-builts, and digital twins.

Sizing and measurement of conductors.

Emergency storm response and restoration.

Turnkey System

Scalable drone inspection services

We offer comprehensive, turnkey drone inspection services by incorporating all aspects of flight operations into the industry’s lowest cost-per-mile service offering.

We apply our decades of experience in general aviation, UAS, utility operations, information technology, flight safety, and quality assurance to manage all aspects of a turnkey UAS program that incorporates seamlessly into existing asset management activities. Factoring in local dynamics, FAA regulations, and utility objectives, we combine our professional knowledge and groundbreaking technology to implement an advanced, yet cost-effective, UAS inspection program.

Every aspect, covered.

Whether you want to outsource 100% of your drone inspection operations, or complement your existing program with BVLOS capabilities, our customized and affordable service packages are designed to meet diverse objectives.

Advanced sensor package

Utilizing a state-of-the-art sensor package in both visual and BVLOS operations, we collect imagery of transmission and distribution assets, perform a comprehensive review of customer-defined inspection points, and deliver an actionable list of faults and repair tickets via the user-friendly Grid Analytics software suite.

Our actionable data allows customers to quickly respond and address vulnerabilities to avoid outages and disruptions.

Through real-time access to live images and a comprehensive and actionable post-op report based on the findings of advanced AI and trained QA professionals, our utility service partners are empowered to respond to concerns with tactical speed and efficiency.

Advanced Sensor Package

Single pass image capture

As the exclusive U.S. partner of Field (formerly KVS technologies), we utilize the Explorer drone in all utility applications.

We capitalize on the Explorer’s revolutionary ‘V3 Payload’, which allows for simultaneous capture of RGB, LiDAR, and thermal imagery in a single pass. This industry-leading technology creates efficiency and cost savings by requiring only one flight over target assets. Typically, other providers require three flights to collect the same amount and types of data.

Customers can leverage the additional data captured through LiDAR scans for right-of-way inspections and identifying vegetation encroachments before they become problematic.

Comprehensive LiDAR data sets are delivered for use in traditional tool sets and are also compatible with MapSpace to prioritize and plan immediate and future trimming needs.

Advanced Visualization and Data Analysis

Immediate deployment

Our team is equipped for a range of weather emergencies with 4×4 vehicles and aircraft available to support urgent response needs during outages or to complete post-storm assessments.

When time is of the essence, we can immediately deploy our services and deliver rapid results and data to identify outage points and assist in the restoration of power to the community.

UAS technology for utility services

Drones discover over 20% more critical finds in their inspections when compared to traditional inspection methods, like helicopters1


Drone operators can scan 3 towers in the time a climber inspects 11


Drones use up to 87% less manpower and resources per mile inspected1

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Electric Utility Drone Technology
We Understand Your Current Challenges

Asset management operations fall short

Many electric utility providers already have invested in building high-tech drone programs as a more efficient and safer means of maintaining the integrity of transmission infrastructure. Despite some achievements, current inspection methods are insufficient and dangerous. Many in-house solutions still struggle to fully realize the potential of using drones to manage thousands of miles of power lines, particularly across remote and rural areas with dense vegetation or those at a high risk of weather damage.

We know how to solve your challenges

Modernize utility operations with our scalable BVLOS drone inspection solutions

Spright delivers electric utility providers with end-to-end line inspection and right-of-way management solutions to ensure the integrity of critical infrastructure and reduce the likelihood of potential power disruptions for consumer end-users.

Modernize UAS Utility Solutions
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Lowest Cost Per Mile

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Actionable Data

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Safe, Secure

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