Tailored to your needs

Different applications call for different platforms. At Spright, we offer tailored technology solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Proudly combining a rich aviation history with innovative technology, we deliver end-to-end solutions that rise above typical drone service offerings.

UAS Custom Tailored Technology


BVLOS capabilities allow us to increase the speed, reliability, and efficiency of our UAS solutions across service sectors.



Our app-based user platform allows healthcare customers to instantly expand access to care and minimize disruptions.



Flights can be maximized to transport healthcare supplies between multiple locations.



Autonomous deliveries and inspections outpace traditional methods, allowing for rapid deployment of critical resources to mitigate risks and minimize delays.

Safe, Secure

Secure, Safe

Our safety-driven culture drives investments in market-leading safety enhancements including autonomous operational and vertical awareness technology and a SMS.

eVTOL Design


Our electric drones are naturally green and result in energy savings compared to traditional methods.

Healthcare Drone Technology

Healthcare Solutions

Spright applies innovative technology to increase transportation speed, reliability, and efficiency by avoiding road and air traffic challenges that often slow the delivery of vital supplies. To achieve this we deploy industry-leading eVTOL drone technology that flies with seamless efficiency across diverse terrains and environments.



Up to 60 miles



Up to 60 mph


Wind Resistance

Up to 45 mph gusts

Specialized options to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare ecosystem

SprightFlight app

Mission planning

User-friendly proprietary SprightFlight technology with app-based flight request and tracking.

Spright Landing Nest

Landing solutions

Landing NestTM for fully automated package receiving and on-site temperature-controlled secure storage.

Redundant system architecture

Ensures uninterrupted control for maximum safety and reliability.

UAS Utility Solutions Techology

Utility Solutions

We partner with Field (formerly KVS Technologies) to offer the industry’s most advanced drone equipment. Combining onboard AI technology and a proprietary sensor suite, the E30 is designed for BVLOS flights that can simultaneously collect inspection and right-of-way data.

Our data analytics technology enables customized inspection requirements and vegetation management visualizations, with data delivered as actionable information. This advanced system leverages proven fault detection and digital twin technology to accelerate customer-predictive AI programs.

Utility Range


Performs large-scale BVLOS aerial inspections of utility infrastructure.

Utility Substations

LiDAR Scanning

Linear infrastructure, substations, and industrial facilities.



Fleet Management is a software suite for flight operations. Grid Analytics is a software for visualization and data analysis.


Actionable Information

In addition to real-time image access, customers receive a comprehensive list of faults and concerns for immediate response.

Artificial Intelligence

Customer Predictive AI

Our advanced system leverages  proven fault detection and digital twin technology to accelerate your AI programs.



Zero emissions and increased energy savings.

Technology Partner Spotlight

RigiTech is a Swiss aerial logistics company founded in 2018 that focuses on creating fully-integrated drone delivery solutions. Its Eiger drone system, manufactured by RigiTech in Switzerland, is designed with a network-first approach: the key to scaling drone delivery into a sustainable business model. The centralized RigiCloud software infrastructure ensures reliable and compliant communications, flight tracking, and fleet maintenance management. To support their operating clients in gaining flight permissions faster, RigiTech’s comprehensive offerings also include regulatory documentation and testing, connectivity infrastructure, training and support services, regulatory support, and SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) expertise. RigiTech has secured BVLOS authorizations in Switzerland, Italy, France, Denmark and the Czech Republic, with a focus on healthcare and invitro diagnostics markets.

To best serve the diverse demands of our utility customers, we have partnered with Field (formerly KVS Technologies) as the exclusive drone supplier for our inspection services. Our partnership brings together two key players within drone technology and commercial flight operations, to lead the U.S. linear infrastructure inspection market. As a global supplier, Field has developed and commercialized a one-stop-shop to help utility companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their asset management operations – which is now made available in the U.S. through Spright’s service offering. We fly Field’s premier UAS platform, the Explorer E30 – built to perform large-scale aerial inspections utilizing the revolutionary V3 payload which allows simultaneous capture of RGB, LiDAR and thermal data in a single pass. The comprehensive solution also includes Fleet Management, a software suite for flight operations, and Grid Analytics, a program for visualization and data analysis. Strengthened through this partnership, our solution is positioned to enable utility companies to more quickly identify and respond to faults and potential power disruptions, while providing a smarter, greener, and safer way to monitor and maintain the power infrastructure.

Spright has announced plans to partner with Dufour Aerospace to incorporating the Aero2, an innovative eVTOL aircraft, into our healthcare delivery operations.

The Dufour Aero2 is specifically designed for the transportation of critical cargo such as medical supplies will expand our ability to serve the healthcare community by carrying heavier payload over longer distances. This translates to more patient samples, larger tissue specimens and organs, and heavier supplies and equipment being transported with the on-demand speed and efficiency that is unique to drone delivery.

Our collaboration with StrixDrones will increase the safety and efficiency of our healthcare delivery operations through the use smart landing stations. StrixDrones, an Israeli-based pioneering technology company, has designed the first autonomous and universal commercial drone delivery mailbox in the world, which will be made available to Spright customers as the landing Nest. The Nest will deliver and retrieve packages in a secure manner, through stations with sealed compartments. The mailbox can accommodate multiple packages simultaneously, while also recharging aircraft batteries, downloading flight data, and monitoring local weather conditions. Incorporating Nests into the Spright healthcare delivery network will enhance user safety and convenience, while enabling more cost-effective, productive, and profitable drone operations.

Founded in 2018, Blueflite offers a drone-based logistics platform for faster and more cost-effective deliveries. The patented, unique, and all-electrical drone design has vertical take-off and landing capabilities, advanced maneuverability, and is built without compromise – to meet the rigorous demands of commercial operations.

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